Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Tough times - let's not allow training to be the victim!

The signs of a retail downturn are very much in evidence now and, as will happen in any period of downturn in the trading cycle, businesses will be looking for ways in which to reduce costs. It is an unfortunate fact that very often training budgets are amongst the first to be cut back as these are regarded by some as 'soft' budgets and not productive. This is, of course, a real mistake.

The one aspect of any cyclical downturn is that there will be an upturn along in a while. The businesses that will be best placed to not merely survive but to prosper are those whose planning takes that aspect into consideration. The ways to prosperity are many, but the essential ingredients in retailing are cost control, informed range planning, low stock holdings to meet short-term needs and the best trained and motivated staff available to sell the product.

If you think that you might benefit from an analysis of the training needs of your business, did you know that you can get free advice and possibly get free training provision? Contact your local Business Link - use this link to track down your local business Link :
When you contact them ask them for all the advice that they have to offer and also have them put you in touch with local Skills Brokers.

Retailing does not have a good investment record in training, although this has been improving, and now more and more opportunities exist to upskill the workforce - which includes you!

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