Thursday, 29 May 2008

E-mail banking scams

Welbeck has just forwarded an e-mail to Barclays Bank Internet Security department - it was received this morning and was headed with a poorly scanned image of Barclays logo and name and requested that we should follow a link in which we could confirm our banking details.

This is not a new scam, but even though the banks regularly warn about them people still seem to fall foul of them - because they look official (in this case with a nice little copyright Barclays 2008 at the bottom - neat touch, adds authenticity!).

Welbeck cannot imagine that a worldly wise SME owner will fall for this, but it is as well to ensure that if you have entrusted the answering of mails to others, particularly others with access to bank account details, are also fully aware that these are scams and not to be responded to.

Keep your details to yourself, the banks will NEVER send a message asking for confirmation of your account details. They will not ask for any private information except for password information to give you access to your accounts and services -so remember NEVER to give anyone else your passwords either, and change them periodically!

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