Monday, 23 June 2008

Re-running the problems of the 1970s

Today the news that council workers are to strike sends shivers down my spine. I remember, all too well, the problems that beset the people and businesses during the various challenges that were put up by pressure groups and the Unions to the Government of the day in the 1970s.

One cannot help but imagine that the present Government is being seen as weakened by the economic conditions, their persistence in pursuing unpopular policies and lack of leadership when the going gets tough. If this is the perception of even a moderately sizeable section of the population, then we must all prepare ourselves for the fall-out. In the case of SME Retailers it is essential that you have contingency planning for the continuance of your business during periods of disruption of essential services.

If the Government is weak then there will be many people wishing to exploit that weakness to further their causes, for good or ill. It will be interesting to see if the messages of 'prudence' that were given to the nation by the last Chancellor of the Exchequer have actually provided the Exchequer with the wherewithall to withstand a period of internal conflict such as we saw thirty years ago with similarly weak Governments; it will be also interesting to see if there are Statesmen (or women) in the present Government that act for the common good rather than the thought of losing the next election.

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