Saturday, 13 September 2008

The wisdom of Conran

Sir Terence Conran is someone that has achieved a first ranking position in the annals of retailing and it is difficult to imagine the UK high street without his influences - Habitat, Mothercare, BhS and a host of others. A designer with a magical flair for retail marketing he has inspired many within the industry and has provided openings for a not inconsiderable number of well-known names.

In an interview with Retail Week, he has reflected on the past, the current and the future - and the wise will take note. The wise that is from all sizes of business; because Sir Terence (he ought to be Lord - No 10 take note!) has reflected upon what are the essential truths that have underpinned his success in retailing and these truths are of as much relevance to the emergent entrepreneur as they are to established chains.

Without this sounding like an advertisement for Retail Week, this is one that ought to be read, so go and subscribe at

In the meantime, keep a watch on what is written in these blogs because they echo many of Sir Terence's opinions - keep down costs, maintain margins, focus on the product and be aware of the customers needs. This is retailing in a nutshell.

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The full Terence Conran interview can also be found on the Retail Week website.