Friday, 19 September 2008

Climate Change

George MacDonald writing in Retail Week has reported on a letter sent from some notable names in retailing to the Prime Minister urging that the Government raise the target for the reduction in carbon emissions by 2020 from the current target of 20% to a new, higher, target of 30%.

I say well done to Tesco, John Lewis and B&Q for having such a public spirited approach to the needs of the Earth and the people and other organisms living on it. One presumes that this request is accompanied by a plan to ensure that their outlets are only positioned in places where the existing transport infrastructure will cope with the necessary abandonment of the use of private cars to move customers to and from their stores? The next step will doubtless be a commitment to town centres, where rail, tram and bus services already offer the best means of serving the travelling customer's needs without recourse to a private car. The free delivery service for all heavy and bulky purchases in those green vehicles producing nil carbon emissions will complete the package and really demonstrate that these businesses really mean that they are serious about carbon emission reductions.

I look forward with growing interest to the fulfilment of these brave commitments - that's what they are, right?

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Anonymous said...

The report about this lettter can be found on the Retail Week website.