Thursday, 11 June 2009

Astounding discovery - customers are important

Has anyone else noticed? There seems to be a theme coming from the global sages of retailing that it is important to listen to and to repsond to customers. Well there's a novel idea!

Has it really taken the shell-shocking, mind-numbing, business threatening recession for retailers to discover that their cuistomers are all important? I find it hard to credit, yet these are the words coming from conference after conference. Is it really me, or did I miss something by not paying huge sums of money to attend these mutual back-slapping events. All I do know, is that the reports being published in the trade press over the last couple of months suggest that the really hot news that customers are important. I am amazed!

Having been in and around retailing for almost half a century it was to my mind at least the very bedrock of what retailing is all about. Perhaps someone will offer me a lucrative deal to speak about those other shockingly newsworthy discoveries such as - you need to supply the right goods at the right price and at the right time! We'll keep the location bit until you're all ready for it - perhaps in the next lesson?

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