Friday, 27 February 2009

Lapping up after Woolworths

The Retail Week has a piece by Nicola Harrison about how specialist toy retailers, having had a torrid time of it during the closing down sale when Woolworths were selling toys at or below cost price, are now reaping the benefits of their closure.

This blog discussed the probability of this happening and urged smaller businesses in close proximity to Woolworth sites to maximise their potential for generating new business; I wonder how many have done so - clearly from Nicola Harrison's article the toy group The Entertainer have capitalised, but then they have a higher profile as do Hawkin's Bazaar, who are also mentioned.

I know that within the toy retail sector there have remained a core of SME businesses around the country who now stand to gain local market share - but have they? If anyone reading this has any evidence then please post a comment. If they have not then the question must be asked why?

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