Monday, 7 April 2008

BSSA Summer school bursaries

This prestigious school has a fine reputation and those whom I have met who have attended over the years have all been fully signed up to the real advantages that they have gained from their attendance. In my experience the kind of subjects covered are best understood in the residential environment of the Summer school - a real hot-bed of creative thinking and learning.

What is not always recognised is that owner-managers are just as eligible for the busaries that Skillsmart (the sector skills council for retail) award as anyone. So rather than wait for the guys from House of Fraser, Debenhams or other 'names' to swamp the school, why not apply yourself? The problems of the smaller retailer and the skills that they learn can add an interesting and valued contribution to the whole experience - and, of course, the smaller retailer can gain benefit from learning what they do in the bigger stores too!

I see, from reading the Retail Bulletin, that the bursaries are now available; so what's stopping you?

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